my story

My name is Kathy.  I am an artist.  I am also a mom, daughter, wife, friend, child of God.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived in the same house until I graduated from high school.  During my early years, I was the only girl in the neighborhood.  I still had friends but longed for a girl that was my age.  When I was 7, Mary moved in next door.  We were the same age, same grade.  Instantly we were friends.

Mary was one of 5 children.  I, on the other hand, was an only child.  Most people think that if you are an only child then you are spoiled and get most everything you want.  If that is the case, it wasn’t like that in my house.  My parents raised me with love and kindness but a strict environment.  I did not have the flexibility that most of my friends had.  At times I would get frustrated because everyone else was allowed to do things that I wasn’t.  In reality, I was fortunate to have parents that loved me enough to protect me from some of those things.  My parents are awesome.  If I could be a 1/4 of the person that my mother is, I would be one lucky girl.

After graduating high school, we moved to Charleston, SC into the house that my parents built.  It was located on the Isle of Palms, on the beach.  We were actually 3rd row which sounds far away, but was actually only 68 steps from door to sand.  We had wonderful beach views and breezes.  That house stood through hurricane Hugo that struck in 1989.  7 houses around us were destroyed.  My parents have since moved and now live in Augusta.  Sadly, you would think that we would see each other more often, but we don’t.

I met my husband in 1992.  He was living in Georgia at the time.  I traveled back with my roommate, Mignon, because she wanted to see her boyfriend who happened to live with Stephen.  When I met Stephen, I knew that I would marry him and live in his house…with his ugly floral chair.  We married in March of 1993.  The chair is gone.

In 1996, we had our first daughter, Charlotte.  She was a delightful baby.  Not long after, we decided to have another child since we were in the routine of diapers, formula, etc.  In 1998, I gave birth to Olivia.  We have been blessed with 2 girls that enjoy each other.  They are sisters and friends.  Sure, they do things that irritate each other, but don’t we all?

I have had a passion for creativity and art for as long as I can remember.  When it was time to go to college, I had considered something in the art field but pushed it out because, “what could you do with an art degree?”  Therefore, I pursued journalism.  In my junior year I realized that I should have pursued advertising or graphic design, but I wanted to make more money so journalism was the better field.  Then I realized that I had hoped to marry one day and have a family.  How could I do that and be a journalist working evening hours.  I wanted to be home when my kids were home.  Therefore, the journalism career didn’t happen either.  After meeting Stephen, I moved back to Atlanta and worked corporate jobs until my girls were born.

I was fortunate enough to stay home when they were younger.  Then one day, God led me to teach clay handbuilding to children.  That led to teaching art in a preschool which eventually led to being a teacher’s assistant in a 3yr old classroom.  I had found my passion.  I loved helping those children.  Mother used to tell me that being a teacher would be a great career. I scoffed it off because I didn’t like children at the time.  Mother used to remind me that the kids in the mall running around screaming were a result of the parents not parenting their children.  Mother was right.  I loved that job and I do love children.  If the economy hadn’t gone south, I would love to still be teaching preschool.  

After 5yrs of teaching and a sour economy, I now work from home inputing data.  Boring job, great pay, working at home.  How can I complain?  I miss those children though.  I could feel that God had guided me to that job.  I could tell that Christ was working through me.  Now, I am trying to fill my current mundane, ho hum job with a passion for photography, art, my family.  I have never called myself an artist until I started typing this letter.  You see, I have never felt like an artist.  I have always taught my students that anyone can be an artist.  I am easily frustrated when I can see how someone’s comments about another person’s work makes them feel that they “can’t do it”.  I have heard some really crappy comments from art teacher’s to students.  Infuriating!  We are all artists and have been given the greatest gift from the greatest Artist ever.  We just have to open our eyes and see the canvas that He has provided from a glorious sunrise to a flower to a butterfly to the whales in the sea.  We are part of His canvas.  How can we not be His artist.  We need to pause, open or eyes, and begin.  Yes, I too am worthy of being called an artist.  I shall embrace the word and start believing it myself.  My word for the year is capture.  This is my year.  Join me on this journey, won’t you?


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